Access to better information

Investments (both public and private) are turning into an algorithm-aided data-hungry industry.
We are building an ocean of data to fuel it.

Big data support for investment decision, due diligence and risk management in M&A, IPO and equity market.

For human and artificial intelligence.


Retail, Fashion and Luxury Goods, Real Estate, Travel and Accommodation Technology.

Tens of billions of high-quality, selected data points flow into new ready to use indicators.

Our results

45 stocks monitored in 5 markets.

Compound 1.5 billion USD M&A deals backed.

5 billion USD IPO deals support

We work for leading investment banks, consulting firms, market analysts and industry leaders.

They say about us

Luca Solca, head of Luxury Goods equity research at Exane BNP Paribas
“Luxury Goods has become a very complex industry: the rule of thumb is no longer an option.
Managers and investors need to use more and better data in their decision making. RE Analytics is helping us in this exact direction.”

Filippo Chieli, co-head of Consumer and Luxury, Mediobanca

“When approaching an IPO, market understanding is as important as financials to evaluate growth potential. Together with RE Analytics, Mediobanca gets the equity story to a whole new level.”

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