The largest consumer pricing data source for business and investment intelligence.

Corporate Dashboard

Real time intelligence platform for global market watch on product, prices and inventory for brands, retailers and advisors. Distributed in partnership with KPMG.

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Alternative Data for store locations, product prices, distribution, promotion, online and offline sales estimates. Available on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

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Custom Research

Independent research for M&A and IPO support. In partnership with Alliance Bernstein. Please follow our partnership research themes developed together.

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Luxury Goods Brands leverage our Corporate Dashboards for market strategic planning, marketing and merchandising support, real time margin monitoring in the distribution channels.

RE-Analytics Alternative Data Inventory Online Offline Shops
RE-Analytics Alternative Data Luxury Fashion Goods

Data Scientists, Analysts and Advisors access highly granular data to model trends in the market, monitoring distribution strategies, pricing actions and consequences on margins and profitability.

RE-Analytics is a Milan-based data boutique that uses non-traditional data to read the economy in real-time, with a particular focus on pricing and its ability to communicate market performance. The areas of expertise span from luxury goods to retail, real estate and other consumer sectors. RE-Analytics works with leading international investment, consulting and market research companies, and offers its clients an array of analytics and raw data services.

RE-Analytics Partners - Andrea Squatrito, Pierluigi Vinciguerra
CEOs, managers and investors need to use more and better data: RE-Analytics is disruptive in this sense – they allow brand new market analysis and perspectives.

Luca Solca — Senior Research Analyst, Global Luxury Goods at AB Bernstein

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