Information is crucial to life. Every action is connected to what is perceived of the outer world. Many perceive the Internet as the greatest source for information in human history, but its understanding faces great challenges.

Most business use web analysis to seek known things in a known space, as they face a barrier of cost and complexity that limits their field of action.

We want to overcome the chasm and achieve a bolder, wider, market understanding. We want to drive better political, business and investment decisions with a sharper market vision.


We design, lead and run the boldest data project on global e‑commerce to track the most relevant KPI – price and all its derivatives – for every market, brand, retailer, product that is offered to the public, to draw reliable market maps, run scenarios, what-if analyses and forecast tomorrow.

Our mission it to provide data to decision markers. Data that is meaningful, being able to describe entire sectors. Data that is relevant, being able to spot key challenges in the industry. Data that is openly collected, in compliance with global regulations of privacy and copyright.


Most of the needs are not unique. Analysts, marketing professionals and e-commerce agents often search the solution in web scraping tools, landing all on the same websites, in a very inefficient, often ineffective, inconsistent, and illegal manners.

For those needs, for the questions that most of professionals share, we offer easy access to their answers: an immediate, clean and cost-effective access to this data.

Databoutique.com is our boutique, for selected, curated, and aggregated data.


Our partners
Our partners


Our vision aims higher: market intelligence reaches far beyond a single dataset and is triggered when a wider scope allows to connect multiple dots of information.

Estimating inventory, logistics, sales of the entire ecosystem, stress-tests scenarios, and hypothesis validation. We build interactive data rooms with our partners and clients to help them understand the complexity of the market, for an advanced market intelligence.

This is what Alternative Data means. Reach out to us or to our partners to start a conversation on what a private access to our data rooms can do for your business.



We have been playing the game of data since very long.

It takes time to frame the proper questions, working side-by-side with subject matter experts. It takes time to build the know-how, to operate and run the end-to-end infrastructure that acquires, cleans and standardizes heterogeneous datapoints into one single point of access. It takes patience, years of active observation, dynamically adapting to changes, to see, measure, correlate and correct. This is our work. Time is our capex.

What we offer is not data. What we offer is the time our clients save, as we already invested in it.