The new Apple Store in Milan is a sign of how Retail is evolving, shifting the focus from product to experience, strengthening brand inclusiveness with the community, underlying the importance of physical places in a digital world.

Apple Store Milan
Apple Store Milan

If the race for store openings of the past years seems to have slowed down, it has not stopped: Revenue growth of some brands is still strongly linked to square footage growth.

Since October 2015 we have been tracking store locations of most important fashion & luxury brands, with new ones adding by the month.

We have tracked since the beginning the local currency in which the stores operate, and since FX factor is proving more and more relevant to financial results, this allows to track to exposure of stores by currency, as a proxy for overall currency exposure of brands.

In our observatory we list every single store to date, with structured geo-location data (region, country, city, address, latitude, longitude, local currency), indicating (where applicable) if the location is an airport, an authorized retailer or a monobrand boutique or an outlet store.