Yesterday Prada released their half year 2018 results, stating their return to growth. The Hunger Score anticipated the positive momentum for the brand one month earlier.

Prada return to growth
Prada return to growth

The Hunger Score – our proprietary index based on alternative data signals – calculates every week indicators to understand consumers appetite and capacity of the brand to satisfy demand.

Main contributors to this index are:

Physical stores growth: We have been measuring store count for luxury brands like Prada since 2015, with geographical breakdown. The complete list of stores of Prada can be accessed also separately in our store database.

Multibrand retailers attitude towards the brand: We monitor most relevant ecommerce platforms of both digital and physical retailers, to understand trends in their buying behavior. Indicators like share of shelf growth, price discipline and extent of promotions are a very good indicator of how do retailers read consumer demand.

Search signals and web traffic are also key components, with a specific focus on Chinese consumers research, including data from Baidu and WeChat.

For more sophisticated analysis, full access on underlying data is available via our intelligence platform, where granular data for over 30 retailers and 30.000 fashion and luxury brands can be browsed. How are US Department Stores choosing Prada’s products? How do summer sales promotions affect which product category? How do digital retailers like Net-a-Porter differ from Asian Department Stores like Lane Crawford when it comes to Prada? The big picture on digital distribution is littered of insights that anticipate behaviors that ultimately turn into sales. We believe that monitoring demand composition is a key anticipating factor to understand revenues.