Amazon Prime Days will be held on October 13th and 14th. The event was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic when Amazon had no incentive in boosting sales as they were already soaring for “natural” causes. The new settings, amid one of the few moments of full-price shopping both in consumer goods and luxury goods, is threatening an early end-of-season sale ignition for the entire retail industry.

As appeared on WWW on an article titled “Amazon Prime Day Puts Retailers on the Defensive”, top US retail chains are loading their guns to anticipate consumers holiday shopping.

Brick and mortar retailers were suffering long before the pandemic, but COVID-19 lockdowns pushed to unsold inventory to risky levels, as also recognized by a study carried on at RE-Analytics. Industry analysts are warning since March 2020 against “The Mother of all End-of-Season Sales”, as the major risk connected to huge discounts is margin destruction.

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